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Who is The Báb?

Born in 1819 in a time of oppression and search for truth, the Báb was a Divine Messenger whose revelation marked a revolutionary break from the prevailing order. His call for spiritual and moral renewal included improving the status of women and the situation of the poor. He quickly attracted thousands of followers, who were inspired to transform their lives and to undertake acts of great fearlessness and sacrifice.

The B
áb, whose title means “The Gate”, was the Herald of the Báha’i Faith. He declared it was His mission to prepare the way for a new Divine Messenger who would fulfil the prophecies of the past and usher in an age of peace and justice: Bahá’u’llah.

The B
áb’s teachings were denounced as heretical by many of Persia’s religious and political leaders, who were threatened by His growing influence. He was publicly executed by firing squad on 9 July 1850, and thousands of His followers were put to death with terrible cruelty.

The B
áb’s shrine and its surrounding terraced gardens in Haifa, Israel have been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. The site receives hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.


The Shrine of the Báb is a structure on the slopes of Mount Carmel in Haifa, Israel, where the remains of the Báb, founder of the Bábí Faith and forerunner of Baháʼu'lláh in the Baháʼí Faith, are buried; it is considered to be the second holiest place on Earth for Baháʼís, after the Shrine of Baháʼu'lláh in Acre.

In the midst of religious intolerance and extremism, one religion—the Bahá’í Faith—offers a path toward world peace by advocating the oneness of humanity’s major religions. Now, this groundbreaking documentary tells the amazing, little-known story of the origins of the Bahá'í Faith.


The Gate: Dawn of the Bahá'í Faith recounts the founding of this new world religion in Persia by a Prophet known as The Báb. Combining dramatic reenactments with interviews of renowned historians, religious scholars, and Bahá'í Faith experts, The Gate: Dawn of the Bahá'í Faith celebrates the brief, exciting life of a prophet and the indelible impact His message continues to have on the world today.


To learn more about this film, please visit the US Bahá'í Website at

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