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Devotional Meetings


Gatherings for collective worship are central to a vibrant community life.

Baha’i devotional meetings provide a space for all, regardless of belief or background, to share prayers and contemplate the sacred scriptures.

Simple acts of regular worship generate a spirit that has an impact on the community’s collective endeavours. Worship awakens within individuals the desire to contribute to the spiritual and material progress of the community.

Across Canada, there are thousands of devotional gatherings held in simple settings with an informal and respectful atmosphere. There is no set ritual. These gatherings reflect the diversity of Canadian society.

The Baha'i's of Coquitlam hosts a weekly devotional gathering every Saturday Morning from 9:30 AM to 10:00 AM and is welcome to all who would like to join us in prayer. Please click on the button below to contact us for more information on the devotional gatherings. 


What Bahá’ís Do | Devotional Life


Service and worship are at the heart of the pattern of community life that Bahá’ís around the world are trying to bring into being. They are two distinct, yet inseparable elements that propel the life of the community forward. ‘Abdu’l-Bahá writes that, “Success and prosperity depend upon service to and worship of God”.

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